So I have been brewing since the summer of 2006. It has passed being a hobby, I love the time I spend brewing. In the last few years brewing has become part of what I am.

I spent a short stint with a small brewery and after a long hiatus from the world, things are starting to shape up toward a new revelation(revolution) in my brewing life. Come follow on the journey, I can't promise being heavily active but will try to keep posts interesting and informative.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sorachi Ace

It seems that these hops have popped up in several beers.  I am going to admit I just don't get them. Sorachi Ace wiki
Having a couple pints with a buddy, he was enjoying a Sorachi Pale Ale, the aroma was a great, lemon grassy, but the flavor was like licking cedar shavings.  I just don't understand the hop, but I was cheering the greatness of Nelson Sauvin last summer when others were looking at me funny.

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