So I have been brewing since the summer of 2006. It has passed being a hobby, I love the time I spend brewing. In the last few years brewing has become part of what I am.

I spent a short stint with a small brewery and after a long hiatus from the world, things are starting to shape up toward a new revelation(revolution) in my brewing life. Come follow on the journey, I can't promise being heavily active but will try to keep posts interesting and informative.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Hops

So we slacked on the first of the cones from our plants.  They spent a little too much time on the vine.  But now the vines are covered in cones and they are smelling great.  We're only growing one variety, Magnum, figured they seemed like a pretty resilient strain.
Two of the plants haven't really taken off all that well, but the other two(technically three) have been growing strong.  I say technically three because in cleaning up around the base of the vines I accidentally pulled out a rhyzome, which I planted back into the ground and has since taken off as its own plant.
Now I have definitively not kept up on my training of the vines, and they are a bit of a mess but the plants are growing strong.  We're looking at a big harvest any time now, a couple of days without rain and we can tell how the cones are drying out, they're getting all full up with their yellow lupulin glands and smell great.


  1. I'll need you to come over my house sometime soon. I'd love to start growing hops but I don't think I have a good location to plant them. I'd probably go with Cascade. I'm not a big fan of the Magnums.


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